Application Instructions

PART 1: Written Application (in digital and postal form)

Please indicate your surname and first name at the top of every page of your application. Do not send us bound or stapled material. The written application must include the following:

A. Completed Application Form

B. Description of your personal area of artistic emphasis

C. Artist`s statement
Max. 5,000 characters


D. Use and benefit for your work
Please briefly describe the projects you would like to plan/carry out at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (max. 5,000 characters)?


E. Image Script
The identification of image and video files in the image script must match that of the images and videos sent (see Part 2) and must in each case include title, year of creation, medium, format specifications and, where deemed necessary, a brief description (max. 50 words).


F. Image/Video Files
Send us a maximum of 10 image/video files in analogue and digital form, 2 catalogues maximum. Please do not send slides or VHS cassettes, and do not send originals. Every image file must be labelled as follows: surname, underscore, first name, number. Example: Smith_John01.

Formats for photo material: JPGs only

Maximum size: A4 or 1000 px

Resolution: 72 DPI

DVDs: On DVD send us only time-based works/moving images and videos. Before submitting a DVD, please test it to make sure it functions properly.

Submit to / Further information:

University of Applied Arts Vienna
Angewandte Resident Artist Programme
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 9/11, A − 1010 Vienna, phone: 0043 1 71133-2755